Over 5.3 million hectares of rainforest, jungle and tropical dry forest have been been destroyed by man made fires in Bolivia since August 2019.      

As industrial ecocide threatens to wipe out entire species, ecosystems and indigenous communities, the Bolivian government is failing in its response to the crisis.

Action For Bolivia on Channel 4 News discussing the international disaster

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The scandal of #JeanineAñez’s government is her continuity with the previously corrupt and environmentally destructive policies of #EvoMorales. #Bolivia #environment https://link.medium.com/1PKdSvG0v6

"We talk about #ClimateChange a lot, but #biodiversity loss is as important an issue"

"How do we stop this loss of life?"

Sir David Attenborough @WWFEU highlights the vital need to protect biodiversity and reverse the dangerous decline of #nature

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What damage has been caused to forests, animals and human life? The disaster explained with stories from the ground and air.


Discover unique ecosystems, indigenous communities and animal species that are all under attack from man made fires.


How deregulated agricultural practices escalated into a national disaster. Who lit the fires and how they spread.


President Evo Morales refuses to declare a national disaster. Learn the big story behind industry, trade, politics and greed.

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