Its about what you eat…

It is estimated that over 60% of deforestation in Bolivia is directly linked to clearing more arable land for agricultural exports, mainly beef and soybean. Boycotting meat products that are linked with deforestation is difficult, as it is often hard to know where they came from, especially when they are in a heavily processed form. This is further complicated by the fact that many cattle and poultry can be fed by Bolivian soybean. The simplest way is to remove all meat and dairy products from your diet. If that is a step too far, we have some great advice with how to limit your impact on the deforestation…

Fast food chains

Fast food chains are notoriously connected to the supply chains of deforestation, particularly McDonalds, KFC and Burger King. Even if the processed burger at your local fast food restaurant does not include Bolivian beef, they are very likely to be selling meat or poultry that has been fed with soybean from South America. A Soy Moratorium was established by the largest worldwide suppliers in 2006 to reduce deforestation of the Amazon. However, the Moratorium does not extend to Bolivia, making it especially vulnerable from huge suppliers like Cargill. Boycotting the big fast food chains helps to stop the exploitation.


Unfortunately, nearly all major supermarkets are heavily linked to deforestation, as they are mostly supplied by either Cargill or JBS. Boycotting supermarkets is impractical for many people. When shopping, try sticking to grass fed, unprocessed meats with a clear country of origin. Alternatively, compliment your large supermarket shopping trip with a visit to a local butchers, one with a more transparent supply chain. Spend that little bit of extra time, money and energy into finding locally or ethically sourced meat, poultry, eggs and dairy. These choices can have a hugely positive impact on global ecosystems.

Other ways to help…


Learn how you can act digitally to support the resolution of the disaster. Join our community and use your online voice to help.


We are co-ordinating peaceful protests internationally. Find out how to get involved and stand up for what you believe is right.


Your food choices have a direct impact on ecosystems in Boliva (and South America). Learn which big companies you should avoid.


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